HearPlanet (Lite): Audio Guide to the World App Reviews

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Cool concept!

This is a great app, very useful. Would love an iPad version, please!

Great update!

Update is even better than before. Love saving and sorting collections, and sharing postcards with friends. New cool map features too, like recentering searches.

Love it

So useful and fun to discover and listen to the world around you!

Hear Planet

This is a great little app. I love it! Makes life so much more fun. Tons of useful info. I'm addicted. The new version is awesome!

Great Find

Hearplanet is great - absolute must have for any trip. Highly recommend.


I downloaded this app and love how it really adds to my travel and day-to- day experiences.

Great discovery

Never knew about this app. Glad to have it now. Really the best way to learn and discover about cool places.

Great App

Used it overseas (in Europe) when cruising to find sites in various cities. The app allows you to get as detailed info as you want from high level summaries to specifics about a particular site.

Awesome Tool

This app made our trip to New York just delightful. Using it was as easy as stroll thru Central Park.


I heard this app is great downloaded it, and they were right excavation point it was so helpful and exciting to learn new places!!

Great travel app

I love this audio guide, it makes my trips even more interesting

Very Helpful

Hear Planet is a great aid when traveling.

Super app for tours

The best self guided tours


Perfect for checking out new places, especially for checking out things in my own backyard!

Get this app now!

This app is super cool. I downloaded this app and it had more content than I could ever imagine. The lite version is cool, but get the paid app cuz it's way better. Best 99 cents I spent since yesterday.

Amazing App

Took my kids to the zoo over the weekend and we listened to the zoo segment the whole way there. It was engaging all the way through and baby the time we got there, the kids were running to tryout all the activities they heard about. I liked it so much, I bought the paid version. Highly recommended.

Slow app

Search doesn't work and don't like hearing the automated voice.

Love this App!!

I love to travel and it tells me about everything that is around me!!


Get your eyes out of your guidebook and see the world!


A great way to learn about locations on the go.


This app rocks, working so well on my phone!

Tourist Resource!

I travel a lot, and this app makes everything so much easier! :)


Met the company in GMIC SV. Sounds cool. I will try.

Making tours cheap fun and real

If I'm walking San Francisco, I don't want to be reading a guide book. I want to take in the sights and sounds. This app does it by being my personal tour guide. I think there's great potential here!

App doesnt work

App starts then shuts off, even after rebooting iphone.

Great app

Love this app, and now I can save tours and collections. I'm buying the full version so I can use the app offline when I travel.

Great for Roads Trips!

Find out what that strange thing over there is...

Loving it more each time I use it!

I love audio, road trippin' and historical spots. This app brings it all together for me. The audio can be improved, the dudes voice becomes monotone if your listening to it alot. That is my only suggestion.

Awesome for travelers...

The concept behind HearPlanet is great for travelers. Rather than spend your time staring down at your iPhone trying to read the screen while out exploring, you instead get to keep your eyes on the world while listening to a virtual tour guide tell you about the interesting things around you. In my explorations with HearPlanet I've actually even learned a few things about places near me that I never would have known about otherwise. Awesome for travelers! I would love a "Playlist" mode that mixed in Hearplanet narrative with music - this would make it very fun while driving, and totally hands-free.

Love this app

This is so cool. Really awesome!

Read Wikipedia instead!

This is literally a computerized voice reading Wikipedia articles verbatim based on my location. Clever idea for someone who does not like to read, but otherwise a waste of time.

Hear it out!

It's a greart app for the tourists. My dad would love this app!


Its been around a while but it's catching on and is growing fast.

Go die illuminati

Bilbo baggins' left big toe dipped in poop is better than this app

Great App!

Perfect for a sunny day meandering around the city! I love the new map interferface.

Lighting in a bottle

Kabom! :)

Product Manager

Great way to get a personal tour guide on the go when exploring new places


Very cool. Saved my time and guide me a lot in europe!!!


Good history app!

Great concept and great platform

Great concept and great platform. This will become more and more useful as more content is added. Currently using it in NY with some great finds.

Highly recommended.

This is surprising how good this app is. I've gone ahead and downloaded the premium version to reduce the amount of sponsored content.

Great & Helpful App!!

This app provides detailed information about select cities and attractions. Very helpful and accurate - some things may not be up to date but for the most part it will give you the info you need.

Great job

Excellent. Especially for me as I am a tour guide. Very useful. Thanks to developers.


Excellent and great small application that summarizes history while on the fly traveling. Love it!

Pocket tour guide

Great idea. Very helpful.

Hear planet

I give it a 10 ! Enjoy

Seems to be pretty good...

I have this little thing about me where I won't uninstall an app without first giving it some sort of review, thus this post. The fact is, I decided to try this app out just for the hell of it. It appears to be a pretty solid app, but then, I haven't spent much time with it to really give it a fair review. It didn't work when I first got it, but version 1.5 seems to have fixed that. So, until I actually start visiting places other than my own hometown, I think I'll set this app on the back burner for a while. Perhaps another time I can pick it up again and give it another go; maybe even get the full version if I like it enough. ;~)

Limited content

It didn't have the Little Rock Arkansas Capitol building or Clinton Library, or much of anything else.


What a great way to learn about what is around you wherever you are!

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